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Welcome to Molly's Yoga Corner


Molly's Yoga Corner opened in Fairport NY in June of 2000, after 14 years in Fairport, Molly’s Yoga Corner has opened a 2nd studio in the city of Rochester. The 2nd studio, Molly’s Yoga Corner on Monroe is located at 713 Monroe Ave in the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education building on the 2nd floor. Molly took her first class and taught her first class in this studio over 15 years ago. She is excited to be back at this location teaching again bringing along 4 other great teachers.  A variety of classes, days and times will be offered. Check the schedule tab to learn more about the classes at both the Fairport studio and now the Monroe Ave. studio!!


Yoga is a journey to a place where you will feel in tune with yourself and those around you. A discipline which creates and nurtures a core union between the body and the mind, yoga is fundamental to our physical and emotional well being.

In the practice of yoga, we integrate a way of life that leads to symmetry and balance. Our physical, spiritual and emotional selves come together in a way that allows us to discover our place in the world and our place with each other. Each of us has our own intrinsic peacefulness and sense of power.

The practice of yoga helps us to reduce the levels of disturbances in our lives and recapture that sense of peacefulness and serenity-that feeling of oneness of mind, spirit and purpose. Yoga is the serene journey between mind and body. The time is now for your journey to begin.

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